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    Hello All,

    I am currently looking into becoming a Warrant Officer, and am weighing my options. I'd like to know more about Aviation, and what goes into the WOFT training, how competitive it is to get accepted, and anything anyone has to offer really. I have looked through the USAREC website extensively, and I have also been to a Warrant Officer recruiting briefing at Fort Hood. There's just not a whole lot out there as far as details. Thanks for any input.

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    Warrant officer training is made up of two parts: Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) and the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC). You start your training in WOCS, which is the same for all warrant officers and operates accordingly:
    • Currently serving applicants who are E-5 with the completion of WLC will attend 4 and a half weeks of WOCS at Fort Rucker, AL
    • Currently serving applicants who are E-5 and below without the completion of WLC will attend 6 and a half weeks of WOCS Fort Rucker, AL
    • Some Technical Warrant Officer Applicants can attend WOCS locally in their State which is broken up of 5 weekends and and 2 full weeks (availability for this route may vary from State to State)
    • All Aviator applicants will attend 6 weeks of WOCS at Fort Rucker, AL

    In WOCS, your training focuses on attention to detail, time and personnel management skills, and general officer knowledge. WOBC, which is different for the various branches (Aviation, Artillery, Intelligence, etc.), can last between seven and 25 weeks. In WOBC, you will learn skills that relate directly to your job field.

    The age cutoff set by the aviation proponent is 33 years of age. You must not have reached your 33rd birthday by the time of selection. Each state reserves the right to lower this age based on current and projected flight school vacancies and the needs of the state. The State Army Aviation Officer (SAAO) is the approval authority on this age requirement if different from the age set by the aviation proponent.

    For further assistance, you may chat with a representative by selecting the link below:


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      Thank you for the reply. I am looking for more specific details on the Flight School. Do you know where I can find that? Also, any information on getting accepted and how competitive it is as far as PT, and SIFT scores?


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        Unfortunately that competitiveness can vary from state to state. For more information you may chat with a representative using the link below. They can get you in contact with your state's WOSM (Warrant Officer Strength Manager) which is the best resource for your questions.


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          That's understandable. Thank you!