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Question regarding who controls the National Guard

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  • Question regarding who controls the National Guard

    Hello everyone I am hoping to get some clarification on something here. Now I understand that the National Guard is ultimately controlled by the Federal Government when activated by The President. When they are not activated they are under the control of their respective state and their respective states Governor.

    Now with all that said just how much control do states have over their National Guard? Regarding enlistment and commissioning for individuals yes the Federal Government sets those standards for all the branches and components of the Service but if the states or some of the states or even just one state wanted to say expand the eligibility to enlist and/or commission for individuals could they do that?

    A few years ago the maximum age to enlist and commission was 42. Unfortunately it was lowered to 35 to enlist and 32 to commission I believe. Could a state such as New York for example say that people over those age limits even by just a few years could enlist and commission? Just how much power would the Governor and State legislatures of that state or any state really have regarding that?

    I bring all this up because close to two months ago I saw online an article that apparently a number of states are going to allow people who are " transgender " to still continue to join their states National Guard despite the fact that there is basically a ban on them from serving by the Federal Government. I'm sure that particular issue is more complicated and I am not bringing that up to be political about that issue either way but I bring it up because if a state can do that than couldn't they basically allow individuals who are say 35, 36, 37, 38 etc..... to enlist and commission in the traditional way?

    Anyway thank you for whatever input any of you could throw in here regarding this. Take care