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    If you've got any questions, post them below. Somebody will answer them

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    Do Prior service Air Force attend BCT?


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      Prior Service members who have successfully completed an Army BCT course, Warrior Transition Course, U.S. Marine Corps BCT, Air Force Security Police and Air force or Navy Special Operations course during previous military service will not be required to attend BCT. If you have not completed the training previously listed then yes you will be required to attend 10 weeks of Army basic training.


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        Per Regulation in AR 601-210

        3-18. BCT
        b. For USAR and ARNG only, the following requirements apply:

        (1) PS personnel must have successfully completed an Army BCT course, Warrior Transition Course, or U.S. Marine Corps BCT course during previous military service. These personnel will not be sent to BCT.
        (2) PS enlistees (including Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Warrant Officer OCS (WOCS)) who have not successfully completed an Army BCT, Warrior Transition Course, or U.S. Marine Corps BCT course; or have not completed training for Air Force or Navy Special Operations Forces, or Air Force Security Police during previous military service must enter on IADT within 180 days after enlistment in the USAR or ARNG and successfully complete BCT conducted by the Army. Soldiers who fail to attend BCT within 180 days after entry are required to return to MEPS to be rescheduled for this training. Members enlisting into the USAR or ARNG that require BCT must be processed through the MEPS. Members that are required to attend BCT and retraining into a new MOS will attend BCT first. After completion of BCT, the unit of assignment will schedule to attend appropriate MOS training.

        Effective 12 Mar 2018 the 1 year PS BCT Policy expired. As of 13 Mar 2018, AR 601-210 accession criteria applies for PS BCT. All PS applicants who have a BCT requirement per AR 601-210 will be scheduled to attend a 10 week BCT.