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    Looks like it has been a while since this topic has been posted and from researching there have been a lot of changes to the army prior service BCT. Currently my recruiter believes it’s 6 weeks at Fort Benning. I am prior AD Air Force and current Air National Guard looking to commission but I have to attend a PSBCT prior to being put into the OCS pipeline.

    Anyone have any insight on PSBCT more recently? Is it more like traditional BCT or more like AIT/Tech school with structure but more freedom? Just curious as I am a little older and want to be prepared if I can expect a shut down 1 phone call a week and no internet access style of training or a little more relaxed. Obviously I go in expecting it to be tough and not acting like I’m special. Just want to get a feel for it mentally and physically. Thanks

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    Unfortunately I never been in the position as PS to attend BCT so I can't really describe from experience of what that might be like, but if you're commissioning into the Army National Guard and you haven't completed an Army or Marine BCT, you'll have to attend Army BCT again. I could be wrong but I'm not sure the 6 week course is an option still. The regs for PS Training Requirements read as:

    3-18. BCT
    b. For USAR and ARNG only, the following requirements apply:

    (1) PS personnel must have successfully completed an Army BCT course, Warrior Transition Course, or U.S. Marine Corps BCT course during previous military service. These personnel will not be sent to BCT.
    (2) PS enlistees (including Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Warrant Officer OCS (WOCS)) who have not successfully completed an Army BCT, Warrior Transition Course, or U.S. Marine Corps BCT course; or have not completed training for Air Force or Navy Special Operations Forces, or Air Force Security Police during previous military service must enter on IADT within 180 days after enlistment in the USAR or ARNG and successfully complete BCT conducted by the Army. Soldiers who fail to attend BCT within 180 days after entry are required to return to MEPS to be rescheduled for this training. Members enlisting into the USAR or ARNG that require BCT must be processed through the MEPS. Members that are required to attend BCT and retraining into a new MOS will attend BCT first. After completion of BCT, the unit of assignment will schedule to attend appropriate MOS training.


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      You are correct. My recruiter never gave me a direct answer but I found out at MEPs today, the day I was supposed to swear in that I have to attend the full up version. My recruiter insists although I will have to go through all aspects, I will be treated differently. Not sure what to think.