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    Very quick question from a spouse of a soon to be NG army solider. Is it possible to reclass your MOS between BCT before you go to AIT? Thanks.

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say "Probably not" the only time I've ever heard of a re-class at anytime during Initial Entry Training (IET) is if a Soldier fails the academic tests and/or training standards required for their MOS qualification. Typically a Soldier would do a recycle if they fail, meaning they start AIT over from a certain point. If they fail again then they'll be re-classed to another MOS. At that point the Army/National Guard provides you with the MOS choice for re-class, and thats usually something that is critically needed, and maybe not so desirable by the soldier.

    Best advice, pick an MOS that they'll be comfortable with serving in for at least a year after they graduate AIT and make sure to pass with an MOSQ (Qualify). If the desire to pursue an alternate career path is still there after that point then re-classing still lands at Soldiers choice. They can try to request approval for a re-class or even try to work a re-class during a time period of re-enlistment.