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  • BCT to AIT


    After BCT, do you go straight to AIT? Do you have any time in between the two training's to see family before AIT?
    Also, can family/spouse visit during AIT?
    Do I have the opportunity to communicate with my spouse during AIT?

    Thank you for your time and help.

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    Unless you are doing a split option training program, in most cases you will go from BCT to AIT. In some situation both BCT and AIT are held together depending on what MOS you enlist for. They're called One Station Unit Training (OSUT). Towards the end of Basic Training you will have a family day, where family can come and visit with you, then the next day is the graduation ceremony. Depending on your training company's SOP, you may even be released on family day for a specific portion of the day, meaning you can go off post with them.

    When I graduated, my grandfather and parents came down. On family day we went and got lunch at one of the local Malls and then went and saw a movie. I think we had to be back on post no later than 1800 hours (6pm). The next day was the graduation ceremony, shortly after that we were gathered our things and staged them for departure. Parents/Family were able to visit with their Soldier again and even meet the Drill Sergeant to conducted the training. Orders for AIT were distributed and family members were asked to disperse. Once we received our orders for AIT we grouped up in order depending on what our travel arrangements were, and we were shuttle to either the airport or bus stations. Your orders gave you a specific time to report to your next duty station (AIT) and a point of contact to reach incase there were any issues along the way.

    As for AIT it is a little me more relaxed than BCT and often we were cut loose around 1700 (5pm). We were able to have our cell phones and computers and use them at our leisure once we were released. It all depends on what your training company's command dictates though. What you experience maybe completely different that what I did. I'd be willing to go out on a limb though and say, you'll probably have more than enough opportunity to keep in touch with family while at AIT. If family and spouse are close to the area of where your AIT training is conducted, they might even be able to visit you during off duty hours once you're released. That will be determined by Post Policy and its standard operating procedures for civilians coming on and off post.


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      I'll share my experience, but just remember that every situation will be different depending on MOS, ship date, length of AIT, etc. So just keep that in mind. I shipped to basic in early October, and graduated right before the Christmas holiday, which gave me a 2-3 week break at home before reporting to AIT around Jan 1. My AIT was 21 weeks at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. There were different phases which earned you different privileges, I don't remember the specifics of each but you work your way up by not getting into trouble and doing certain things to accomplish these phases. The last phase for me meant that I was allowed to have my POV(my Mom was nice enough to drive my car from Texas to Alabama then fly back home so I could have my car while I was there), and I had a pass every weekend to go off post or stay off post if I wanted to. It was a classroom environment, Monday through Friday, off at 1700 every day. As long as we did what we were supposed to do, we had our freedoms. Phones, Laptops, I even bought a TV and DVD player while I was there and kept it in my locker(we didn't have locker inspections). Do you know what MOS you want?