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Armor BOLC for National Guard LTs

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  • Armor BOLC for National Guard LTs

    Hello I am Commissioning in May 2018, and will be going to an ABCT (Armor Brigade Combat Team) in NC. I will be a PL for 1-120 infantry Regiment. I was curious about how housing is done for National Guard 2LTs. According to Fort Benning ABOLC website, Armor BOLC is a 6 month PCS. With that being understood the memorandum says ABOLC 2LTS are encouraged to live off base. I have also looked at youtube videos , and other information that stated ABOLC 2LTs that are in the guard stay in Abrams Hall, and the trip is not considered a PCS. I was hoping there is a 2LT in the National Guard that has already been through ABOLC recently or spmeone that knows for certain, and could share with me housing options as well as help answer the following questions:

    Is ABOLC considered a PCS for National Guard 2LTs?
    Do 2LTs that are National Guard and attending ABOLC receive a BAH?
    Do 2LTs that are National Guard and attending ABOLC have the option to stay on base or on?

    Knowing the answer to all of these questions will help me make the right decision when it comes to me buying a home or renting an apartment after graduation in May. My ABOLC starts Oct 22nd 2018.

    Thank You.