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  • I want to fly

    does the national guard train you in jets? i really wanna fly jets but helicopters are sweet too.

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    Unfortunately the National Guard does not offer a Jet Pilot MOS. Currently serving Guard Soldiers can apply for helicopter flight school as long as they are assigned to a Unit with at least 12 months remaining in their contract. Non-prior service maybe able to qualify to enlist in the 09W program commonly known as the Army's "High School to Flight School" program .

    Administrative Requirements – A soldier must meet these seven administrative requirements before applying for the warrant officer program.
    1. U.S. citizenship (no waivers)
    2. General Technical (GT) score of 110 or higher (no waivers)
    3. High school graduate or have a GED (no waivers)
    4. Secret security clearance (interim secret security clearance is acceptable to apply)
    5. Pass the standard three-event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and meet height/weight standards
    6. Pass the appointment physical for technicians or the Class 1 (warrant officer candidate) flight physical for aviators (flight physical is valid 18 months from date initiated/Technical physical valid 24 months from date initiated)
    7. Have 12 months remaining on their enlistment contract for currently serving applicants

    Service member must submit an AFS request with the application if they have 12 or more years Active Federal Service.

    General Requirement:
    • You must be at least 18 and not have reached your 33rd birthday at the time of selection (SAAO has the discretion to lower this age requirement based on needs of the state)
    • Vision: at least 20/50, correctable to 20/20 (LASIK, LASEK and PRK are accepted after a six-month waiting period)
    • No significant legal history or negative counseling/evaluations during your period of military service
    • Pass the selection instrument for flight training (SIFT) with a minimum passing score of 40 or higher

    There are two ways to become an aviator:
    1. Commissioned officer:
      Attend a commissioning program or be a lieutenant before entering the Aviation Officer Basic Course.
    2. Warrant officer:
      Enter as an enlisted Soldier, attend Warrant Officer Candidate School, then enter flight school located at Fort Rucker, AL, and earn your warrant officer technical certification (Basic Course).

    Upon graduation from flight school, you will be an instrument-rated, rotary-wing aviator qualified in an advanced aircraft (based on the needs of the state).

    If you are an eligible member of the Army National Guard (i.e., you meet the administrative and general requirements listed above) interested in being considered for flight school:
    1. Notify your chain of command. Obtain a letter of recommendation from the commander.
    2. Contact your state's warrant officer or Officer Strength Manager to obtain the predetermination packet checklist.
    3. Contact the State Army Aviation Office (SAAO) to schedule your initial interview.
    4. If you are approved, the SAAO will refer you to the state Education Services Officer who will schedule the SIFT for you and to the state Officer Accessions Manager to begin building an appointment packet.
    5. If you pass your SIFT, you will be scheduled for a Class 1 flight physical (recommend secret security clearance be initiated).
    6. If you pass your Class 1 flight physical, a secret security clearance investigation must be initiated and completed and a flight school packet completed.
    7. You will go on an Order of Merit list. You will now be considered for any flight school seats that become available. Consideration will be based on recommendations from the chain of command and approved by the SAAO.

    For more information you will need to contact your local Recruiter or State Warrant Officer Strength Manager which may be obtained by chatting with a representative at the link below: