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    Hey I want to go Guard but might want to go army active later 2. is that possible?

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    You cannot simply transfer. The Guard, Reserves, and Active Duty components are all different. With very few exceptions (mostly for medical professionals), you'll need to get an approved discharge from the Reserve/Guard component and then separately process for enlistment (or commissioning) for Active Duty service.

    However, you may request a conditional release from the Reserves and/or National Guard. Basically, a conditional release says that the National Guard agrees to release you from the remainder of your commitment, if you are accepted for enlistment or appointment to another service component. To start the conditional release process, you must request a conditional release from your current unit and complete a DD Form 368 (Request for Conditional Release). Once the release has been approved by the National Guard, you may begin processing with another service.

    (Exception: Some Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers who are currently activated can apply for direct transfer to Active Duty. Members of the Army National Guard or Reserves who are being demobilized can also volunteer for direct transfer to Active Duty.)

    For further assistance, you may chat with a representative by selecting the link below:


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      On a side note, there are active duty opportunities available both in your state and countrywide. Your Military Occupation Specialty (job) will dictate what's available to a large degree.

      I've worked in the state doing desk type jobs and computer database work. I also did a stint with the counterdrug task force where I used to live. Those opportunities wouldn't have been available without my guard membership. I'm currently sitting in an active duty billet with an active duty unit doing some really fun work. So the opportunities exist to go active with the guard.

      As ngvbadmin states, a conditional release is possible if you want to switch from NG to AD. I've seen them go through with moderate success. If your true goal is to go active duty, I'd say go that route. Feel free to ask any questions you end up with, too. It's been a while since I enlisted, but I seem to remember it being slightly stressful