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  • Joining and Moving

    I am prior service and am thinking of joining the National Guard, but not sure how duty stations work. Do I have to move from my home if I get placed at another duty station or are duty stations permanent?

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    The Army National Guard is a part-time, reserve component of the Army. Soldiers serve locally, one weekend a month, and two weeks during the summer for your annual training exercises. You are not required to move, you will actually be assigned to a unit in the state you live in or contract in. Before soldiers begin serving with their local Army National Guard units, soldiers are required to complete 10 straight weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT), and 5-52 weeks of AIT (Advanced Individual Training).

    Prior Service members who have successfully completed an Army BCT course, Warrior Transition Course, U.S. Marine Corps BCT, Air Force Security Police and Air force or Navy Special Operations course during previous military service will not be required to attend BCT.

    The National Guard understands that Soldiers may need to move to another state during their enlistment. The Interstate Transfer (IST) process allows Soldiers to transfer to a vacant slot in a different state, ensuring that they can continue fulfilling their enlistment obligation without the burden of traveling back and forth between states.

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