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  • Re-enlisting

    I was in the ARNG form 2013-2016 and during my final year I was put on permanent profile for anxiety, I was never put on medication for it either. My unit basically shunned me after that, they never returned my calls or e-mails through my AKO account to see what steps I would have to take to get off profile. After a couple of months all I ever received was a letter saying that I was being separated under NGR 600-200 Chapter 6-36 (u). About a year ago I did receive a letter saying that I was in the IRR. I would like to know if I even had a shot at re-enlisting in the ARNG or even going AD or reserves, I would join any one that would take me. If so what steps would I have to take to join or even talk to a recruiter. Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my question.