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Will I be able to join the National Guard?

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  • Will I be able to join the National Guard?

    Hello, I would really like to join the National Guard and be a part of the U.S Armed Forces. However, some medical condition might keep me from enlisting. I would also like to know if I have a chance to obtain a waiver.

    My first condition is Chronic Cold Urticaria. Zyrtec does control it and it does not cause any issues. Whenever I do get them, they do not even itch but they do look sort of freaky. I can swim in cold water, and also drink cold drinks. It does not bother me at all
    My second condition is Cholinergic urticaria. It hardly get them at all, and I only get them if I sweat or am in a very humid area. Also, it is controlled with Zyrtec and does not bother me.

    I would really like to join, but I might not be able to having my medical conditions. Specifically, I am looking into becoming a mechanic, or something within that field. With this information, would I be able to join the National Guard? Would I have a chance for a waiver as well?
    Thank You.

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    A local Army National Guard Recruiter would be more qualified to determine your eligibility and provide you with more accurate state specific information. They are the only ones that can let you know whether a waiver will be approved or not. You can get prequalified and have your information sent to a Recruiter by clicking the link below.


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      This forum cannot provide definitive medical guidance, particularly on waivers.

      Nevertheless, I can tell you that urticaria is a disqualifying condition for enlistment (AR 40-501, para 2-28). Your recruiter will prepare a waiver request for you.

      I recommend that you gather all medical documentation from your civilian doctors regarding your condition, treatment, and prognosis. Also, ask them to write you a brief letter on their official letterhead with their medical judgment as to whether your conditions will impair your ability to serve.

      No one will work any harder on this than you will, so set a high standard for yourself. Your recruiter has a busy life, and is more likely to work hard for someone who is also working hard.