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  • Ing/irr

    Hi all,

    I am trying to go overseas to do contract work. I asked my RNCO about getting the commanders approval or possibly "pausing" the 2 years I have left on my 6x2 contract. I have 4 years done and just got back from a deployment that I extended on. Other people in my unit have gone to do contract work as far as I know. Why am I being told no? Do I write a memorandum to my TAG with the request? I read in the 614-1 (I believe thats what the NG reg is) that I can request ING for overseas employment.

    Can anyone please offer some insight?

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    Based on what you've described, ING is the appropriate option for you. This status basically pauses (as you've described) your contract obligation.

    The authority to approve an ING transfer resides at the TAG of your state, who may have delegated this authority to the G1. Your commander can certainly make a recommendation, but it's not his call. He must send your request forward, with his recommendation and his reasoning. I know nothing of your specific case, so I can't comment as to your situation, but legitimate reasons to deny ING requests include: a Soldier facing legal charges or other disciplinary action, failure to adhere to regulations or standards, or owing money or property.

    If you can't get an answer within 30 days, after giving your chain of command several changes to work with you, then you should call your state Inspector General. Every Soldier deserves an answer.