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  • Not sure what I want to do?

    So I want to join the guard but in not sure what I want to do. I have looked at MP, Small Arms/Artillery Repair, Allied Trade Specialist, Calvary Scout, Infantry, Diver, Cargo Specialist. There are so many options, I want something fun but something that will transfer well into the civilian world (I currently work armed security). My brother in law is a loadmaster in the navy and he says he loves it. What is the guard equivalent of that? I have always been a tactics and combat guy. Watched a ton of war movies growing up (dreamed of being a soldier since I could remember). Anyway any help or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you met with a Recruiter and taken the ASVAB test at all yet? The reason I ask is because your ASVAB results will play a role in determining what positions you're going to be able to pick from. Other things to keep mindful of is if a position you're interested in is offered in the State you want to serve in. The best way to obtain that information is by talking your local Recruiter. Unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with the job responsibilities of a Navy Load Master, I don't know how useful I'd be with accurately suggesting a comparable Guard position. Many of the National Guard's positions are listed here on the website with descriptions of job responsibility and some requirements.

    Click here:

    You'll notice the career fields are listed on the left hand side of the webpage, if you click the arrow just to the right of them, it will open a list of military occupational specialties (MOS) for that career field. From there you can click on a particular MOS and open its description page.

    Before focusing to much on what position you should enlist for I'd personally meet with a Recruiter and take the ASVAB test first. As I mentioned your ASVAB results could narrow your focus to what MOSs are going to be available for you to pick from, then research each to the fullest extent with the mindset of which MOS's overall job description would best fit your interests.

    There can be multiple soldiers serving in the same MOS but have totally different experiences based on the type of Units they're assigned to during their service obligation. Medics for instance, can find themselves attached to Infantry Line Unit or serving in an Area Support Medical Company working in a clinic, its the same MOS but very different experience can arise in those roles.


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      You may also consider a National Guard job that will enhance your civilian career, not just reinforce it. That is, if you're a civilian security professional, you could join Military Police to reinforce your civilian security skills. You could also join as an Infantryman, or Medic, or even Mechanic to add to your civilian skills. No one ever regretted having a Medic or a Mechanic nearby, and that additional dimension of skills might set you apart from your civilian peers.