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Can I serve in the National Guard?

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  • Can I serve in the National Guard?

    I would really like to join but I have a few medical conditions present and some on my medical records. I have no criminal history, so I already know that I do not have to worry about that. However, my medical conditions are:
    1. Allergy induced asthma - At age 11 I was diagnosed and prescribed and inhaler that I never needed or used. Now, I believe that I do not have asthma, but I have not gotten a doctor to check or assure me that I do not.
    2. Eczema - I do not have it any more, but at age 11, I was diagnosed with a minor case of eczema on the inside of my arms. In a few weeks it cleared with use of a cream.
    3. Cold Hives - My case lasted longer for more than 6 weeks so it is chronic, however it is very minor, and I can operate as if it was not even present. I can swim in cold water, and drink cold drinks just as normal.
    4. Cholinergic urticaria- I had for more than 6 weeks so it is also chronic, but I only get hives when I sweat and no other time.
    My case of cold hives and cholinergic urticaria is both completely controlled with Zyrtec. It does not interfere with my life at all. Also, I know that Eczema is disqualifying after the 9th birthday. With this information, will I have a chance at being able to join, or a chance for a waiver?
    Thank You.