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  • Reclassing

    Hi I hope this is a ok spot, otherwise please redirect me.

    My wife is ready to sign up for the NG but she is a non us citizen with a green card. Because of this there is only a very few mos she can sign up for due to security clearance. She will be getting her citizenship through the NG and her recruiter said once she has it she can reclass to a better mos. A friend of mine in the NG says the recruiter is tricking us and that reclassing in the NG while not impossible is very hard and very unlikely to do, due to the nature of the NG State funding. My friend says we'd be better off in the army reserve or air guard. My wife is set to take I think it's called 88M ? Driving trucks.... She wants to do Intelligence, ethier linguist since she can speak fluent Polish and can learn Russian if asked to, or something to do with computers. Also she has a Master's Degree from Poland so he said she could go officer once she has her citizenship...
    Just a clueless spouse wanting to ask the advice from those in the NG to make sure the recruiter is staying honest.... thank you

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    I'm not sure what your friend is referencing when it comes to the advice that they are giving. Yes, in the National Guard each state has a budget each fiscal year to send Soldiers to Army Schools such as Leadership Development Courses, MOS qualification courses, or Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) courses, so it can play into how expedient a request for re-class can be, but it doesn't prevent it. People re-class all the time in the National Guard.

    Are you well grounded in the State that she lives and plans to enlist in? If so, The National Guard will be a better option than the Reserves as a place holder branch of service until a Re-class is possible. The reason being is because when you enlist for the National Guard you're enlisting for a particular State, after she completes Initial Entry Training, IET (Basic and AIT) she is going to be assigned to a Unit within that State she enlisted for. Typically a Recruiter will find the closest Unit to your home of record that holds the MOS that you're qualified in. In the Army Reserves a Recruiter will most likely do the same but their parameters for Units is not confined to within the State you live in.

    For instance, someone may live in and enlist in the Reserves out of OH but the closest Unit that has an opening for their rank and MOS maybe located in TN, Soliders can find themselves commuting across multiple State lines while serving in the Reserves. That is because it is a federal reserve branch. At least in the National Guard you know your Unit is going to be located within the State borders. Also the Reserves have fewer positions to pick from than the National Guard. The Air Guard is the exact same thing as the National Guard it is just a reserve component of the Air Force opposed to Army. So fiscal year budgets would have the same factors of play when it comes to approval for re-classing.

    Things she should consider and may want to pose to the Recruiter before making a decision:
    1.) Does the State have the MOS she eventually wants to re-class into? (once she meets the Citizenship and Security Clearance requirements)
    2.) Is there a critical need for that MOS/Career Path?
    3.) Will any of the benefits/bonuses that she may receive with her current service obligation be affected if she chooses to re-class before that service obligation is full-filled?
    4.) Will there be a minimum time frame she has to serve in her current MOS before she can even request for a reclassification?
    (I believe I remember hearing it may be a minimum of 1 year in current MOS)

    Reason for said questions:

    Needs of the Army/National Guard can play a role in how budget expenditures are granted, thus playing a role in an approval for re-classification. If there's a critical need for qualified linguists that can definitely improve chances for approval especially if she's already fluent. It already sounds like she has a plan in motion when it comes to getting her Citizenship. Both career options she is hoping for (Linguist or Officer) would require a security clearance, and she can only get that clearance if she's a US citizen. Yes Recruiters do have to recruit a number of Soldiers in order to meet their mission, I don't think there is any Trickery going on here at all. Based on your description they're just doing their job. Serving in an 88M position or any other position that she currently qualifies for is a good approach, it will provide exposure for her to the the military lifestyle allowing her to still serve and get IET out of the way, all the meanwhile she also buys time to meet the requirements for her preferred career path choices.

    Has she taken the The Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)? If she's fluent in Polish she may want to seek out to see if the Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) is still being offered and if Polish qualifies for it.


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      Another option, when it comes to reclassifying, is looking at your state's Open Vacancy lists (or their equivalency). When positions cannot be filled through the standard Enlisted Promotion System lists, they'll go to posting via open vacancy, where anyone in the state can apply for them within specific grade requirements.

      It could be an opportunity to shift into a new MOS after being in for a few years and attaining U.S. citizenship.