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I want to go Airborne or Air Assault

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  • I want to go Airborne or Air Assault

    Can I go Airborne or Air Assault in the Army National Guard? What about Sniper or Ranger?

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    It is possible to go to and complete these schools while serving in the Guard, but your chances can be affected by what MOS you have and what type of Unit you belong to. The State you serve in would pay for the school so prioritization of available slots and funding would play a role in who gets to attend. Are you currently serving or just looking to enlist?


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      I was wondering the same thing. I want to go 88Mike, but I doubt they give us the chance to go Airborne. Is this true or not?


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        88M's may have the chance to attend Airborne School. There are no MOS restrictions on attending the school. The chances are greater if you are in an Airborne Unit though. For further assistance, you may chat with a representative by selecting the link below: