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    I am currently enlisted in the NG and am in the process of becoming a WOC. I had everything appoved up until my chapter 2 physical. Was initially DQ'd and was told I needed a medical waiver from NGB to Fed Rec. I have been in for 7 years and went on anxiety medication 2 years ago. I provided this info on each PHA and had a pulhes of all 1's and met retention standards. I provided state surgeons office with all medical records to show stability while on the medication. The office then drafted a memo and the recruiting command sent to NGB on 14 Feb 2018. They denied the waiver. They did not provide reason. Recruiting command saw an error in the memo that was drafted. It only illustrated 6 months of stability versus an actual 18 months. Went from 50mg to 100mg of zolodlft SSRI because the 50 mg gave me concentration issues. I have tried to find forums elsewhere with info but my case is a little different. I' currently enlisted (SSG) and want to go Warrant. I meet retention standards but somehow I can't get a medical waiver. Just wanted to give this forum a try to see if anyone had any input Or advise to my situation. I appreciate all feedback.