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  • SLAP Tear Medical Waiver

    In 2010 I underwent surgery to repair a tear in my upper right shoulder, the surgery went great and I healed properly. I went to physical therapy for the weeks suggested and was discharged after completing my goal, I wasn't at 100%, the documentation put me more at 80% when I completed my physical therapy course, and they told me to continue home exercises. . Fast forward 7 years, I am now 23 years old and have a fully functioning shoulder with very minimal issues doing any activity. Im looking to join the guard and I have everything prepped up to the final stage of sending my docs down to MEPS in lansing including my physical therapy documents from the surgery, and a note from my primary physician stating that i am fully cleared for all military duty as of todays date which is 7/14/17. Heres my question, will i need to have a note from a physical therapist regarding my surgery clearing me and updating my status to 100%, i know that MEPS is hard to predict, but has anyone else out there had any sort of dealings with a similar situation? Any info is good info! thanks!

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    The more medical info you can provide the Doc at MEPS the better. They will likely take a few days to review the docs, possibly send you out for what's called a consult and then submit everything to NGB for a medical waiver. Sounds as though it "should" get approved but we never know. Best of luck & please be patient.